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The ice-cream should be made in small batches because it must be consumed fresh. Keep the ice-cream overnight in the freezer and its texture will be spoiled; tiny ice crystals may form. It should be served cold, not frozen solid and it should be good enough to eat on its own, not as an accompaniment to a dessert or in desperate need of chocolate sauce or some other flavour booster.
It sounds simple enough but only one Indian pastry chef that I know used to do this regularly --- Rohit Sangwan of The Taj Land’s End in Mumbai. He has since moved to a hotel I never go to so I have no idea whether he is still making that same ice-cream but I imagine he is.
Other chefs say they have problems doing it this way. When I wrote about ice-cream in Rude Food many years ago, chefs complained to me about the egg problem. Nearly all foreign ice-cream is made with eggs. Indians don’t ask, don’t complain and eat it anyway when they are abroad. But put eggs in ice-cream in India and pure vegetarians will howl in protest .
Fair enough. But why not just tell people that the ice-cream contains eggs? No vegetarian complains if there is an omelette on the menu. Vegetarians who don’t eat egg just steer clear of such dishes. So, be honest. Tell your guests that the ice-cream is made with eggs and suggest that they eat kulfi if they have a problem. But no, most chefs will not do this.

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